Know Your Audience

Multi-level statistical analysis keeps you up to date on how your Mac OS X app is used.

  • How often users visit.
  • The time users frequently use your application.
  • User habits and use patterns.

Know Your Application

View real-time, accurate user statistics on how your app is being used.

  • Global distribution of your users.
  • Terminal information statistics.
  • Pin-point errors in the user experience.

Know Your Market

Integrating application data from a variety of metrics provides you with an industry edge.

  • Industry average retention rates.
  • Industry average session length.
  • Industry average new user percentages.
  • App
  • Games
  • Trends
  • Events
  • Errors
  • Terminal
Download DeskAppTrack’s SDK integrated Sample Code and API for free. With your feedback we will continue improving and adding functionality to sculpt the perfect analysis tools for your needs.